FAC-Limited's responsibility towards our shareholders includes ensuring the long-term viability of the company through sound and transparent corporate governance and a culture of business ethics.


FAC-Limited's approach to integrating long term environmental, social and governance factors into our business is based on detailed performance indicators that are reviewed every year by every local entity.


For 22 years, innovation has been at the heart of everything we do Discover why FAC-Limited is the a New Zealand leader in insurance and asset management.So stay with the leading NZ insurer.


74 Employees Men and women, committed to better protect you around the world and more than 16200 Clients trusting us everyday, and making us one of the leading insurance company around the globe.

About Us

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Financial Assurance Consultants Limited Company is a leading insurer in New Zealand, with interests in life insurance, health insurance, investment, savings and retirement income and reinsurance businesses, primarily in NZ.

FAC-Limited`s products include a wide range of investment, savings and retirement income plans, payout annuities, as well as life, disability, critical illness and health insurance for individuals and families. These products and services are distributed through a diverse network of financial security advisors and brokers associated with FAC-Limited; financial security advisors associated with Beaumonts Way Holding Limited`s Financial division. Our risk control program components vary by policy type and region, but examples of what it may include are: Risk Assessments, Education, Resources, Proactive Advice Hotlines, Incident Reporting Hotlines.
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Latest News

  • 1May
    ANZ and IBM release proof of concept for blockchain product;
    May 1
    ANZ and IBM have secured their spots as the first movers in the market to develop a blockchain product to streamline reconciliation between insurers and brokers. The idea behind the technology is that it works alongside the systems insurers and brokers already have, to make what they do more efficient. Decentralising all the data also means brokers and insurers can access automatically generated reports and analytics.
  • 30Jan
    TSB launches a raised 18 month term deposit offer;
    Jan 30
    TSB have now advised that the rate sheet they sent on which this story is based had a typo. Their 18 month rate is 3.65% and not 3.75% as originally reported in this story. It is a new level that handily beats the 18 month rate for each of the five main banks. And it also tops offers from challenger banks like RaboDirect, Heartland and SBS Bank.