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Property Insurances

The property insurances cover you against financial loss due to a variety of natural perils including, fire, flood, earthquake, rain damage, etc. There are a number of generic policies offered like the Standard Fire Policy, Industrial All Risks Policy, Asset All Risks and Multimark policies.

Business Interruption Insurance

While the loss to the property can be covered under property insurance. Our Business Interruption policies cover loss of revenue due to damage to the property following a fire or related peril. The policy can be extended to cover the standing charges and other expenses besides the Gross Profit.

Money Insurance

FAC-Limited`s Money Insurance covers the loss of money in transit between the bank and the office, or between offices. Loss due to theft and attack is covered and can be extended to cover the loss of money in a safe, in the counter and money with directors. Separate limits have to be specified for coverage.

Contractors Risks Insurance

Our Contractors All Risks Insurance (CAR) covers the perils faced by contractors while building civil structures. It is All-Risks insurance and covers the property under construction, the third party liabilities, surrounding property, etc.The coverage is available for all major construction phases.

How We Work?

  • Customer Centric Focus
    We offer not just insurance solutions but a total Risk Management solution to our clients. With most of our clients we hold in-depth discussions to understand the total risk exposure the client faces and how to mitigate them by insurance, risk management and self-financing.
  • The FAC-Limited Way
    It is this deep rooted philosophy of `Caring for Customers` and careful nurturing of the FAC-Limited a philosophy of trusteeship that has now vaulted the group to a new apex in its years of operations: over $ 33 million in revenues, a 74 member family and a presence in seven countries as at end of March 2016.

Asset management business

The asset management business involves investing and managing assets for the Group's insurance companies and their clients, as well as for third parties, both retail and institutional clients.

The objective is to obtain the best possible return on invested assets, based on the risk profile and investment timeframe chosen. Our combined areas of expertise allow us to devise investment solutions and products that meet the specific needs and constraints of our clients, by investing in different asset classes.


Growth Strategies
"Sustainable development" is defined as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".
Smarter Commerce
We promote responsible customer relations through clear and transparent communication and marketing of our products, and by managing the claims process responsibly.
Industry Solutions
While you might not automatically think of an insurance carrier as cutting edge, we take great pride in being able to think and respond in non-traditional ways. we prefer to think outside the box.